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Tomato & Yuzu Ponzu Sauce 200 ml


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Description: This artisanal and natural sauce skillfully combines ponzu and tomato.

Use: This artisanal and natural sauce cleverly combines Ponzu and tomato. It perfectly goes with steamed fish, but also vegetable soups or gazpachos. As a tomato sauce, it can be used in pasta dishes or as a dressings. The sourness of the yuzu juice and tomato fit very well with meat.

Ingredients: White Soy Sauce (Wheat, Salt, Soybean, Alcohol) (30%), Tomato (20%), Mirin (15%), Yuzu Juice (15%), Sake (18%), Kombu (2%), Salt. 

Allergens: Soybean, wheat

Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light, refrigerate after opening.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 1 year

Container: glass bottle

The Ogon no Mura company, located in the Tokushima department, produces and distributes citrus juices (yuzu, sudachi) and a wide variety of citrus sauces (ponzu), marmalades, yuzu drinks and syrups.
Ogon no Mura mainly uses yuzus grown in the village of Kito, famous for its fruits of an exceptional quality. One of Ogon no Mura's flagship products distributed by Umami in France is the yuzu juice: in order to produce a high-quality product, yuzus are hand-pressed within 24 hours after harvesting, the extracted juice is then kept cool. 

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