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There are many ways to add a touch of sweetness using our selection of sugar and syrup made from traditional Japanese ingredients such as shiso syrup, ginger syrup or black sugar.

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  • Sucre noir d’Okinawa et Kagoshima - 300 g

    Brown Sugar from Okinawa and Kagoshima 300g

    Description: The Satsunan Sugar company makes products from Okinawa and Kagoshima sugarcane since 1964. These black sugar pieces are made by mixing raw sugar, molasses which...

    6,70 €

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  • Concentrated Shiso Syrup  300ml

    Concentrated Shiso Syrup 300ml

    Description: The shiso is a Japanese herb from the same species than mint. It is often known as Japanese basil. In Japan, shiso is used in cooking for example with sashimi but...

    14,70 €

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  • Yuki’s Spicy Ginger Syrup 120ml

    Yuki’s Spicy Ginger Syrup 120ml

    Description : This spicy ginger syrup was made from brown sugar, known for its intense flavor, cultivated on Hateruma island, ginger from Ishigaki island and Pipatsu pepper....

    17,50 €

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  • Concentrated Black Ginger Syrup 180g

    Concentrated Black Ginger Syrup 180g

    Description: This sirup is made with black ginger, Okinawa cane sugar and hebesu citrus juice, a citrus that reminds of sudachi but is cultivated in Miyazaki. Black ginger is...

    19,90 €

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  • Sucre brun de Tanegashima Sensoto 450g

    Sensoto - brown sugar from Tanegashima 450g

    Description : This sugar is made from sugarcanes cultivated in Tanegashima. It is additive and food coloring free. The juice extracted from the squeezed sugarcanes has been...

    8,10 €

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  • R 400g

    Raw cane sugar 400g

    Description: This powdered sugar was made with sugarcane from Tanegashima, an island located in the southern part of Kagoshima prefecture in the far southern end of Japan’s main...

    5,40 €

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  • Poudre de patate douce Satsuma 1kg

    Purple sweet potato powder Satsuma -1kg

    Description: This sweet potato powder is violet and has a strong coloring power. You can use it in pastry, it will bring lightness to your preparations. Its flavour is soft and...

    65,40 €

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  • Pure brown sugar powder 100g

    Pure brown sugar powder 100g

    Description : Brown sugar powder is made from finely milled sugarcane. Brown sugar is rich in calcium and minerals and it was cultivated in the Kumamoto prefecture without...


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