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Size : 8×5.5cm / Material : Hasamiyaki porcelain / Origin : Nagasaki

The company was founded in Hasami City, Nagasaki Prefecture by the Kodama family. In 1946, the former president, Kaoru Kodama, began selling ceramics with a trolley and, 11 years later, established the company. The company's name refers to the Saikai Bridge, built nearby at the time of the company's founding. A name which also echoes the philosophy of the Kodama family, which aims to “build a bridge between people and objects to enrich their daily lives”. Thanks to this philosophy and the company's efforts, traditional Hasami ceramics have crossed the oceans and conquered tables all around the world. The company also actively participates in the dynamism of the city and the preservation of traditions by taking part in activities promoting Hasami ceramics and local tourism.

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