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Deba couteau à poisson Migaki 165 mm


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Deba is a knife made for cutting fish filets. It is a stable and heavy knife, with a large and strong blade, perfect to cut also fishbones, fish heads and tails. The deba knife can also be used as a mincer to cut meat and poultry.

Knives with a simple bevel are knives with the blade sharpened on only one side. This Japanese knives allow a nice clear cut because the blade does not crush the flesh but separate it nicely. Cutting with a simple bevel knife require practice. 

The material used for the blades is a mix of steel and iron. It means that the blades require special care in order to keep them in a good condition and avoid rust. The blades must be well dried after use. They also must be sharpened with water whetstone available on our website.

Blade length : 165 mm

Sharpener : Tahara Shunichi

White steel «Shiro Sango» : it's a steel with less carbon, easier to sharpen because it's more flexible.

HRC hardness : 64-65, a blade of amazing quality, the edge is extremely sharp and make a precise and clear cut without tearing the flesh.

«Migaki» polished steel finish

Rond handle

Water buffalo horn ferrule

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