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Ikkyu Binchotan Charcoal for BBQ - 12 kg


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Description : The binchotan is a metal look-alike very thick vegetal charcoal made from ubamegashi oak. The use of vegetal charcoal dates back to Antiquity where it was already known for its properties against stomach pains. It was for example used in Japan as firewood because it does not release carbon dioxide and then does not cause poisoning. 

Use : Thanks to its thickness it has an infra-red radiation very strong that makes a cooked through cooking without burning the exterior of your ingredients. After using, put it in cold water for cleaning. By doing so, it could be used several times.  

Ingredient : Binchotan.

Preservation : Store in a cool dry place, away from light.

Origin : Kishu, Japan


Container : Cardboard

Also available in 600g (reference 497) and in 2kg (reference 498)

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