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Sake Gaijin Yamahai Junmai Sanshu-Omachi 720ml (18,5°)


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Description : This yamahai junmai sake is made using a brewing method close to the traditional kimoto method. Nowadays, thanks to new technologies, this method has been modified to obtain the same taste but in easier working conditions for the brewers. Instead of grinding the rice for a long time, the ingredients are added in a different order. From then on, the base of the vat is left to itself, without mixing, to let the rich and pronounced tastes develop. The sanju omachi rice used in this unpasteurized sake is grown in Sanuki province in the northeast of Shikoku and is 75% polished. 

Alcohol by volume : 18,5°

Appearance: The sake is translucent, shiny, with a light silver color and straw color reflections.

Nose: The first nose is deep with aromas of almond, milk chocolate, artichoke, white mushroom and rice. We also smell fruits like golden apple and a few touches of radish. Alcohol is also there. Then, with aeration we feel pepper and green fruits like plum and the skin of green kiwi. The cooked rice is present as well as a light soy sauce.

Mouth: The attack is soft, oily with alcohol. The bitterness appears strongly and continues through mid palate. We taste fresh fruits but also cooked fruits. We find almond and yellow peach, coconut water, radish, pepper or even the Espelette pepper and light soy sauce. which spread into a finish full of umami. It is a sake with character, rather dry, with texture.

Finish: The light soy sauce flavor spreads into a finish full of umami.

Pairing: With its strong rice flavor and nice acidity, this sake pairs well with highly seasoned dishes, such as spicy pork. We also serve it with seafood, charcoal grilled for example, or a snow crab with its light soy sauce. The pairing with spices also works with sweet preparations such as an apple pie with cinamon. 

Serving temperature: Can be drunk cold (5°-10°), chilled (10°-12°), at room temperature (15°-25°) or heated. 

Ingredients : Rice, koji, water

Preservation : Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.

Origin : Japan

Container : Glass bottle

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health, alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation. Expecting mothers should not consume alcoholic beverages.

The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited.
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Founded in 1885, Maruo Honten, this family brewery composed of only three employees (its president Maruo Tadaoki, his wife and their daughter), produces sake in Kagawa Prefecture. This old brewery was the former property of two important historical figures involved in the Meiji restoration and the fall of the Tokugawa family in the 19th century: Takayoshi Kido and Takasugi Shinsaku. Bequeathed to the current owner's ancestor by Hasegawa Sataro, a wealthy farmer and philanthropist of importance in the region, Maruo Honten now brews sake that is resistant to thermal degradation, and thus capable of producing exceptional aromas as it ages. Maruo Honten is committed to traditional sake production: the few machines on site consist only of refrigerators and small presses, and the containers used do not exceed one ton.

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