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Kombu seaweed is an edible variety of seaweed that is identifiable thanks to its width, thickness and dark color. It has the highest iodine content among the seaweeds eaten in Japan. It is mainly boiled to make dashi broth or used to season various dishes.

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  • Kombu Sauvage (Rausu) 150g

    Kombu Rausu 150g

    Description: Rausu kombu is a rare type of kombu. Due to its high amount of glutamic acid (the umami component, its leaves are broad rather long and rounded). They are easily...

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  • Tsukudani of nekombu 100g

    Tsukudani of nekombu 100g

    Description : Tsukudani is a cooking method where some ingredients like kombu are simmered in soy sauce, mirin and sugar. In this one, dry kombu roots have been simmered...

    10,00 €

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  • Sliced kombu with soy sauce 50g

    Sliced kombu with soy sauce 50g

    Description : Kombu wide leaves are finely sliced then cooked in soy sauce, without any additive. Afterwards, they are dried. The variety of kombu used is wild Ma Kombu....

    15,50 €

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