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Shichimi is a widely used spice blend in Japan, considered excellent for health. It traditionally consists of seven spices, hence its name in Japanese "shichi" (seven) "mi" (flavor). Its color, aroma, and taste vary depending on the producer's tradition, expertise, and ingredients, but the traditional recipe includes the following seven spices: red chili pepper, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, hemp seeds, mikan (Japanese mandarin) or yuzu zest, sansho (a type of Japanese Sichuan pepper), and nori or aonori (types of green seaweed).

It was invented in the 17th century by herbalists and apothecaries in the city of Edo (ancestor of Tokyo) who sought to create a healthy seasoning based on chili pepper, introduced by the Portuguese a few years earlier and renowned for its medicinal properties. A true remedy, shichimi was sold in front of temples where many people sought healing. It later became a souvenir to bring back from travels, an "omiyage," before spreading throughout Japan. Shichimi is quite unusual in traditional Japanese cuisine, which is not known for being spicy. However, its unique blend of flavors has elevated it to the status of a "star" spice and emblematic of Japanese tables. In taste, the seven spices balance perfectly between the freshness of citrus notes, the marine flavor of seaweed, the spiciness of chili pepper, and the tingling of sansho.

This condiment is typically used to season noodle dishes (udon or soba), rice dishes (such as gyudon, a bowl of rice topped with beef stew), meats, or to enhance soups and broths. Like Espelette pepper, it offers endless possibilities for use and will integrate perfectly into your spice collection. In our selection, we offer shichimi that stand out, for example, with their citrus notes (yuzu or mikan) or their aesthetic appeal (edible gold flakes). Take advantage of our fast shipping within 24 to 48 hours with free delivery for purchases over 85 euros and receive your shichimi at home very soon!

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