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Discover a selection of unique vinegars (persimmon, sakura, red azuki beans) for various uses such as drinkable vinegar to add to your refreshments.

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  • Vinaigre Sanbaizu à la bonite

    Sanbaizu, bonito vinegar - 180 ml

    Description: Sanbaizu vinegar is a mixed rice vinegar flavored with bonito. It also contains kombu algae and sugar that soften the whole.

    7,00 €

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  • Vinaigre de Sakura 300ml

    Sakura Vinegar 300ml

    Description : This is a new product of our producer of Japanese vinegars Sennari. Shizuoka leaves macerated in a vinegar produced with rice from Hiroshima, giving it floral...

    18,80 €

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  • Vinaigre de kaki pur - 200ml

    Pure Kaki Vinegar - 200ml

    Description : It is a vinegar made with kaki from the Fukuoka prefecture exclusively. The whole fruits fermented more than one year in order to develop their umami. 

    10,10 €

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  • Vinaigre d'Ume 720ml

    Ume Vinegar - 720ml

    Description: In Japan, drinking vinegars are really popular because of their virtues. Those vinegars have been sweetened to be mixed with water and can replace syrups, which are...

    35,20 €

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  • Azuki beans vinegar 150 ml

    Azuki beans vinegar - 150 ml

    Description: This unique vinegar is made from Azuki beans. Its’ patented production process has been selected at the SIAL Innovation Grand prix 2014 for its original and unique...

    19,10 €

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  • vinaigre de pomme biologique 180 ml

    Organic Pure Apple Vinegar 175 ml

    Description : This artisanal and organic vinegar, made with very pure water from the mountains, is made directly from apple juice, thus preserving the taste of the fruit.

    11,00 €

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  • Vinaigre de kaki pour sushi 200ml

    Kaki vinegar for Sushi 200ml

    Description : To create this sushi vinegar, Hokkaido mirin and kombu have been added to a base of kaki vinegar. It gives an additive free sushi vinegar sweet, fruity and very...

    8,50 €

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  • vinaigre à boire au yuzu et au miel 270 ml

    Yuzu and Honey Vinegar 270 ml

     In Japan, drinking vinegars are popular because of their health benefits. This yuzu vinegar have been softened to be mixed with water and can replace syrups, which are often...

    18,70 €

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