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Tosazu - smoked bonito vinegar 360ml


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Description: Tosazu literally means vinegar from Tosa. Located in Shikoku, the region of Tosa, the actual region of Kochi, was known for its excellent bonito. That is why tosazu vinegar is made mainly from dashi, a Japanese broth made of bonito and kombu seaweed. Tosazu also contains soy sauce and mirin. This vinegar has the characteristic to have strong smoked notes.

Flavor: A sweet vinegar, with a deep umami flavor, and delicious smoked notes, that last in the mouth. 

Use: This vinegar can be used to prepare meat based dishes such as stir-fried chicken and eggplants, as base for salad dressings or to marinate vegetables like sunomono. 

Ingredients: Water (44,2%), vinegar (rice, sake lees, alcohol) (22,2%), soy sauce (salt, wheat, defatted soybean, soybean, glucose, wheat protein, rice, alcohol) (10,5%), su- gar (10%), mirin (glutinous rice, rice, rice koji, alcohol, sugars) (9,8%), kombu extract (kombu, maltose syrup, salt, sugar, yeast extract) (1,8%), salt (0,6%), dried bonito (0,5%), hickory liquid smoke (hickory smoke, water) (0,4%). 

Allergens: Soybean, barley, bonito, wheat

Preservation: Keep in a cool place, away from sunlight. Shake well before serving. After opening, close well and keep refrigerated. Consume soon.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 24 months

Container: glass bottle 

Located in the Hiroshima department, about 20km north of the city of Hiroshima, Sennariis a company producing rice vinegars, apples, seasonings and sauces based on the vinegars it produces. Its environment is ideal for the production of vinegars: the plant is close to an exceptional quality groundwater source. Umami offers a wide range of Sennari products, many of which are organic: sushi rice vinegar, pure organic rice vinegar, vinaigrette...

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