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Sesame Oil intense "Kuki" first pressed 340g


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Description: "Kuki" sesame oil is made using high quality black, golden and white sesame seeds. This oil is produced according to a traditional pressing process, in which only the precious oil extracted during the first press is used. After the press, the extracted oil is left to stand for two weeks to a month. Then it is filtered several times to remove any residue formed during the pressing process. This method gives the "Kuki" sesame oil its beautiful amber color and unique flavor. 

Flavor: A round and intense flavor of roasted sesame, that will enhance your dishes.

Use: The fragrance of "Kuki" sesame oil pairs perfectly with traditional Japanese and Chinese cuisines. It beautifully lifts stir-fries, stews, and broths and it will be ideal to season marinated vegetables, noodles, rice, and bibimbaps. Mixed with a bit of salt, this sesame oil will be perfect for seasoning a salad.

Ingredients: Sesame 100%

Allergen: sesame

Preservation: Keep in a dark place, away from fire sources.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 2 years 

Container: Glass bottle 

The Kuki family has been established in Japan since the 16th century and was mainly known for its military exploits. A couple of centuries later, the family settled in Yokkaichi, a city situated in Mie prefecture, as merchants resolding products including salt from the city of Ako to the Kanto region. The Kuki family started producing canola oil in the 19th century, starting with growing rapeseed to then building a factory intended to produce oil. That is how the Kuki Sangyo company emerged. Yokkaichi city was known for its port, through which many products transited towards Edo, including the oil produced within the city. With the help of an English engineer, Kuki Sangyo managed to develop its production, but the shortage of raw materials necessary to the oil production led the company to shift towards other vegetable oils including sesame oil. This is how Kuki Sangyo concentrated its production on sesame oil by the start of the 1950s. The company has developed a quantity of sesame oil-based products to promote the consumption of this superfood. Enjoy the benefits of sesame thanks to Kuki Sangyo’s products at Umami Paris !

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