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Koji is one of the key ingredients for fermentation and with it is made soy sauce, miso and sake. Nevertheless, it is also very used alone to marinate and bring umami and body to all kind of preparations !

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  • Riz au koji pour pâte de shiokoji

    Koji rice for Shiokoji paste - 300 g

    Description: Koji rice for the realization of Shiokoji paste.

    7,00 €

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  • Thick soy sauce with Koji of Moromi Naogen 120ml

    Thick soy sauce with Koji of Moromi Naogen 120ml

    Description: This soy sauce with koji of moromi is made of a mix of soy sauce and koji, and it has the creamy texture of the moromi, like an unfiltered soy sauce still...

    8,10 €

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  • Creamy miso with koji 500g

    Creamy miso with koji 500g

    Description: It is a white miso, that has beed fermented for a shorter time and contains less salt. Its particularity is that it also contains amazake, a sweet drink made from...

    8,00 €

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  • Soy sauce with koji 340ml

    Soy sauce with koji 340ml

    Description:This soy sauce is made by a producer specialized in koji. The soy sauce age mixed with koji grew by the producer according a 100 years old know-how. It becomes a...

    9,60 €

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  • Shiokoji Liquide 500ml

    Liquid Shiokoji 500ml

    Description: The shiokoji is a Japanese paste made with koji, rice and salt. This unpasteurized product is the first shiokoji in a liquid form. It is easier to use and keep...

    8,10 €

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  • Miso Kojiya 300g

    Kojiya Miso 300g

    Description: This miso is obtained by fermentation of peeled soybeans with koji. The koji used is cultivated by the producer in accordance with a traditional a 100 years old...

    4,80 €

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