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Thick soy sauce with Koji of Moromi Naogen 120ml


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Description: This soy sauce with koji of moromi is made of a mix of soy sauce and koji, and it has the creamy texture of the moromi, like an unfiltered soy sauce still fermenting in a barrel. The koji used is cultivated on rice grown in the neighboring prefecture of Toyama. It gives a rather sweet and umami taste to the soy sauce. One of koji’s characteristics is to soften up flesh and unveil the umami of ingredients.

Flavor: The umami-rich taste of koikuchi soy sauce combined with the sweetness of koji. A slightly grainy texture thanks to koji rice grains.

Use: Very rich in koji and less salted than a classic soy sauce, this soy sauce can be used in marinades to flavour and soften, or to season any dish. Used as is, it is a delicious dip for raw vegetables sticks, it goes perfectly well with tuna chirashi, cold tofu or on top of a raw egg on rice. Koji is also nice to caramelize, therefore this sauce can replace teriyaki sauce on fish, on pasta etc.

Ingredients: Soy sauce (50%), shoyu-koji (soy sauce, rice koji, water) (47,62%), water (2,38%)

Allergens: Soybean, wheat

Preservation: Conserver à température ambiante et à l'abri du soleil. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 18 months

Container: Glass bottle

Naogen was established in 1825 in Kanazawa. The company closely follows the footsteps of Ibei Naoeya, its precursor and inventor of the historical soy sauce “Oono Shoyu, invented in the town of the same name, Oono. This soy sauce was the first soy sauce produced in the area thanks to fabrication methods imported from Kishu, Wakayama during the 15th century. Slightly adjusted and modernized over time, these traditional methods remain the basis of soy sauce and soy sauce based products produced by Naogen. This producer had been one of the most renowned soy sauce producers for about 190 years in the region of Hokuriku, including Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui. The “Umakuchi shoyu” soy sauce by Naogen stands out with its color and its umami rich yet slightly sweet taste. Ishikawa region benefits from an ideal climate and is rich in essential natural resources to make a good soy sauce. Namely, soy, especially the Kaga variety, water gushing out from mount Haku in Kana plain as well as locally made salt. Koji is also very important in the making of soy sauce and Naogen pays great attention to its culture. Therefore, the combination of high quality ingredients, modernized traditional methods and ideal environment results in a high quality soy sauce. Nowadays, Naogen not only produces soy sauce but also a wide range of ponzu, flavored soy sauce as well as dressing sauces and makes its way to French consumers’ table through Umami.

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