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Shichimi with yuzu - 7 spices blend 25g


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Description : Shichimi is a mix of Japanese spices, very used in Japan, and considered excellent for health. It is traditionally made of seven spices, hence its name in Japanese «shichi» (seven) «mi» (flavor). This variety contains more than 60% of yuzu powder. Indeed, this shichimi is made in the Miyazaki region, in the village of Kagura, where yuzu is considered a true treasure. It also contains red-hot pepper and mikan peels, the Japanese mandarin. Greatly appreciated for its unique flavor and scent, between mandarin and citron, yuzu completes nicely the delicate flavors of Japanese cooking. 

Flavor : The lemony notes of yuzu quickly let their place to the vivid spiciness of red pepper, that lasts in the mouth. 

Use : Shichimi will season a wide range of dishes such as noodles soups, avocado toast, vegetables and meat stews, roasted fishes and stir-fried potatoes. 

Ingredients : Yuzu powder (67%), red hot pepper, mikan peel, black sesame, sansho pepper, aonori seaweed, hemp seeds, poppy seeds.

Allergen : Sesame

Preservation : Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 24 months

Container : Glass bottle

Kagura no sato was founded in 1978, in the Shiromi Mountains of Kyushu, in the west of Miyazaki Prefecture. The region enjoys ideal climatic conditions for producing and cultivating yuzu. Indeed, the citrus fruit needs strong temperature differences to grow well. However, the humid fog that hovers in the Shiromi mountains, canonized by the locals as a divine breath, perfectly fulfills its role by making the winter temperatures peak at -7°C. Flatter, but also more acidic and sweet than ordinary yuzu, the yuzu produced by Kagura no sato follows a careful processing to produce high quality juices and other condiments.

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