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Spirit drinks Shochu of barley with gold leaves 200ml (27% Vol.)


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Description : This barley shochu reflects the craftsmanship of a Noto peninsula brewmaster, coupled with the region's time-honored tradition of gold leaf work. Shochu is a distilled alcohol generally obtained from rice, sweet potatoes or barley. Produced locally in Hokuriku's only authentic barley brewery, this top-quality barley shochu has been aged for three years. 

Alcohol by volume : 27% Vol.)

Pairing : Enjoy neat or on the rocks, as an after-dinner drink or with dessert.

Serving temperature : Room temperature (15°- 20°)

Ingredients : Barley, Barley koji, Gold leaves (0,005%)

Allergen : barley 

Preservation : Keep in a cool place, away from sunlight. After opening, consume soon. 

Origin : Japan 

Container : glass bottle 

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health, alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation. Expecting mothers should not consume alcoholic beverages.

The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited.
By placing an order on this website, you certify to be of the legal age and legally competent to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Since its creation in 1953 by the grandfather of the current president, Mina Takaoka, the Hakuza company has specialized in the manufacture of metal and gold leaf in Ishikawa prefecture. The company has diversified its range to include fashion accessories, cosmetics and food products, all of which involving gold leaf. These high quality products reflect a long tradition of Japanese craftsmanship.

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