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Rare salt of Awaji island - Onokoro shizuku shio 75g


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Description : This salt is harvested in Goshikicho, Awaji island, which is considered to be the founding island of Japan according to Japanese mythology. Its name "Onokoro drop" refers to the famous legend of the creation of Onokoro, the first island of the Japanese archipelago, by the gods Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto. After being harvested, the salt crystallizes naturally by a sun drying process. It is then slowly roasted with wood chips to highlight its iodine flavor before being set to rest in cedar barrels. Salt usually represents 1% of the volume of sea water used and this high quality rare salt only represents a tenth of the salt extracted. Additive and preservative-free, it contains all minerals and trace elements of seawater.

Flavor : This Awaji salt has a unique umami flavor thanks to the traditional production process and the slow and natural crystallization. It has a beautiful crystallized aspect with a subtle savory taste. Salt flakes melt like snow flakes in the mouth.

Use : This salt with a nice grain is used as a finishing touch. It will be perfect paired with wasabi to accompany a steak, with sea bream or squid basted in lemon juice or to enhance the natural flavors of vegetables, grilled or steamed. Enjoy this salt with olive oil on a mixed vegetable salad.

Ingredients : Seawater 100%.

Preservation : Keep away from humidity. Close tightly after opening.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : -

Container : Doypack

Created in 2013 and established in the magnificent coastal region of Datsusara, in Hyogo prefecture, Datsusara factory is a company specialized in premium salt extraction. Thanks to a meticulous manufacturing process, the company preserves all the natural benefits and the authentic taste of the salt. Its commitment to respect the environment is clearly shown through its sustainable manufacturing process, from harvest to packaging.

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