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Organic green tea Shincha Saemidori 50g


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Description : Shincha means new tea in Japanese. It is a Japanese green tea harvested during the first flush. This seasonal tea is regarded as the finest harvest of the year and is highly sought after for its unique freshness and its gentle flavor that differ each year.

Saemidori tea leaves are a mix of Yabukita and Asatsuyu cultivars. Yabukita is one of the most cultivated varieties in Japan, known for its aroma balanced between umami and astrangency, whereas Asatsuyu is less common. Asatsuyu is also called “Tennen gyokuro”, this is a sweet and umami-rich variety. It results in a shincha made of delicate tea leaves, thin and straight as a needle with a vibrant deep green.

Flavor : Sweetness is the characteristic of the first brew with a round umami taste. The second brew, sweetness and umami are combined to a refreshing astringency.

Way of use : 4g for 100ml of water. For the first brew infuse for 1mn20 at 70°C. For the second infusion, infuse for 10sc at 80°C. Let the tea leaves open without covering. Pour the entirety of the first infusion to enjoy a condensed flavor.

Ingredients : Organic green tea Saemidori leaves

Preservation : Keep in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight. After opening, close well, keep refrigerated and consume within 1 month.

Origin : Kirishima, Japan


Container : Sachet

Shincha is also known for being rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids such as L-theanine. As the winter comes to an end, tea bushes are packed with nutrients accumulated for months whereas following harvests will have less time to store that amount of nutrients.

Shincha is prepared the way a sencha is, although sencha is produced from following harvests, but has a richer, fresher and more intense aroma, a pleasant umami flavour, hints of sweetness and a long-lasting and refreshing taste.

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Our shincha are from Kirishima, southern Japan and are cultivated by the third generation of a family producer of organic green tea. Kirishima’ environment is rich in clear water and pure and unpolluted air, perfect for cultivating tea. Striving to produce the finest organic tea, our producer established their own tea plantation deep within the mountains to avoid contamination by flying pesticides used by other producers. To feed the soil, they only use homemade compost and organic fertilizer. Being passionate about tea for generations, they work hard all year long in tea plantations to monitor climate change, evolution of tea growth and much more. As a true leader of organic tea cultivation in Japan, they deliver a thorough and meticulous work to produce the finest tea, such as manually removing one by one any insect from the tea bushes ! 

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