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Roasted puffed brown rice - 300 g


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Description: This brown rice was roasted with no automation. The rice has been puffed to obtain a light and crispy texture, perfect for incorporating into desserts, or in your breakfast. 

Flavor: The union of intense roasted notes with a light and crispy texture of puffed rice.

Use: This puffed rice can be sprinkled to give some crunch to a large variety of dishes : salads, fishes, to replace breadcrumbs or as a bread powder, in a yogurt, cereals, to make desserts or sweets such as Roses des sables (Sand roses) or cereal bars…

Ingredients: Brown Rice 100%

Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. 

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 2 years

Container: kraft paper bag with zip

Also available in 100g (reference 138)

Sanei Kosan was founded in 1965 in Saga by the grandfather of the current president. Saga Prefecture is the most important barley growing region in Japan, so the company focuses on the production of barley products, including mugicha, a roasted barley seed tea known for its sleep-inducing properties. Far from being limited to this field, Sanei Kosan also produces several other teas and infusions that require a thorough mastery of roasting techniques, such as genmaicha, a tea composed of green tea leaves and roasted rice grains, or oolong tea. In addition to strictly adhering to HACCP standards, the company ensures the uniformity of its products during production by using numerous measuring instruments. For the sake of authenticity, these instruments have remained the same since the founding of the company. 

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