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Sake junmai “ Kissui” 720ml (8% Vol.)


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Description : The sake Junmai “Kissui” is made from “Akebono” rice that was polished to 70% and stands out thanks to a sweet and sour yet refreshing flavor that results from using white peach yeast. The secret of its flavor lies in the fermentation method used by the brewery. Whereas rice, koji and water are added three separate times in the traditional process, rice, koji and water were added at once to brew this sake. The fermentation process was deliberately stopped earlier than usual to obtain a sake with a low alcoholic content and a sweeter flavor thanks to the natural sweetness of rice starch transformed by koji.

Alcohol by volume : 8°

Appearance : This sake is limpid, crystalline. It has a slight silver tint and green reflections.

Nose : The first nose is discreet with high water content fruit notes like green melon. Airing it, green banana and pear aromas appear. A green pepper flavor also comes out. The nose is very green, acidulous. It is fresh and delicate.

Mouth : The mouth seems oily. The first impression in the mouth is sweet and acidulous at the same time. The aromas are pear, green apple and lemon.

Finish : The finish becomes more astringent with mushroom and cooked rices flavors. It is an unexpected and surprising evolution.

Pairing : This sake goes especially well with seafood, fruit salads, ribs, cheese or white fish carpaccio. Pair it with a spicy dish like curry or drink it as an appetizer. With an aroma that reminds of high water content fruits, it is the perfect match with fruit based desserts.

Serving temperature : "Kissui" sake can be enjoyed at various temperatures but it is ideally enjoyed chilled (10°)

Ingredients : Rice, koji, water.

Preservation : Keep away in a cool place, away from sunlight and consume soon after opening. 

Origin : Japan

Container : Glass bottle

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health, alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.

Expecting mothers should not consume alcoholic beverages. The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited. By placing an order on this website, you certify to be of the legal age and legally competent to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Kamikokoro Brewery was founded by Chojuro Fuji more than one century ago, in 1913. The brewery was founded in Asakuchi, Okayama and is now led by the fifth generation of brewers. Kamikokoro brewery has been making sake with one goal in mind : brewing high quality sake that preserves the umami flavor of rice. To achieve this goal, the brewery developed a production process that includes a rice polishing machine that can polish 60kg of rice at once. The Kamikokoro staff are consumers before being brewers. Therefore, as consumers, they only produce healthy and flavorful products that they would want to enjoy with their family. Discover the flavor of Okayama rice in the flavorful sakes made by Kamikokoro Shuzou.

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