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Sesame with miso 65g -50%

Sesame with miso 65g


On sale -50%

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Description: Miso is one of the most essential condiments to Japanese cuisine. It is used to make the well-known miso soup but also to make marinades or sauces. This sprinkling sesame is made of roasted white sesame seeds coated in rice miso before being roasted.

Flavor: A crunchy texture with the round taste of miso, combined with the roasted touch of white sesame.

Use: Sesame with miso can be used like furikake, sprinkled as a finishing touch on various dishes like white rice, california maki rolls, pizza, salad or a creamy burrata.

Ingredients: Sesame (49,59%), soy protein (20,66%), sugar (12,4%), rice miso (10,74%), salt (6,2%), yeast extract (0,41%)

Allergens: Sesame, soybean

Preservation: Keep in a cool dry place, away from light. Close well after opening. 

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 12 months

Container: Doypack

Also available in 500g (reference 634)

BBD: 14/07/2022 - Good for consumption after this date

Founded in 1978, Minari is located in Hiroshima. The company initially produced hijiki and wakame seaweed based seasonings. The company modernized its products over time and developed a range of products made to make meals more pleasant with furikake, ochazuke, soups and much more. Minari benefits from the nearby environment, specifically from Setouchi, located in the neighboring state of Okayama, well-known for the abundance in marine products such as seaweeds, the base of many products they make.

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