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Oil with ginger 65g

Oil with ginger 65g


On sale

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Description : Discover an original ginger flavored oil. Ginger is a spice widely used in Asian and Japanese cuisine to season a wide variety of dishes. To make this naturally flavored oil, the producer delicately extracts the oily component from ginger, located right in between the pulp and the skin, without applying heat to preserve its powerful flavor. Then, they mix it with their own corn oil to make a concentrated oil.

Caution : The optimum use-by date of this product is displayed in Year/Month/Day.

Flavor : A concentrated oil that unveils the spiciness of ginger with a few drops only.

Use : This oil is used as a finishing touch to season a bell pepper steak, pork with ginger or paired with Chinese cuisine.

Ingredients : Corn oil (99%), ginger extract (1%).

Preservation : Keep away from light. 

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 12 months

Container : Glass bottle

Tsuji Oils Mills was founded at Matsusaka, Mie prefecture, in 1947. The company aims to use what our environment offers to the benefit of beauty and well-being. To achieve such an ambition, and for more than 50 years, it has conducted a great deal of research on organic components such as lecithin and collagen as well as their benefits to our body. These researches have permitted the development of unique products such as powdered lecithin, the first of its kind in the industry. Promoting Japan agriculture is at the heart of Tsuji Oil Mills' concern. To achieve this goal, the company puts the spotlight on products from Japanese agriculture, like yuzu, in their products such as flavored oils. By combining natural products originating from neighboring areas with its production methods at the cutting edge of technology, Tsuji Oil Mills creates safe and tasty products which showcase Japanese flavors that we are eager to help you discover at Umami Paris.

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