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Three-coloured Japanese ancient rice 150g


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Description: Historically, many varieties of rice were cultivated in Japan, reflecting a rich agricultural tradition. With mechanization, some varieties have been eclipsed by more practical modern varieties. However, ancient rice varieties, although more difficult to cultivate, are still appreciated for their beauty and unique flavor. This ancient rice combines three varieties: red rice, with tannins and nutrients, wholegrain black rice, with many vitamins and proteins due to the sheath still covering the grain, and a glutinous rice, the Takayama Mochi, grown without chemical fertilizers.

Flavor: This ancient rice has a slight nutty flavor, as well as a more fragrant aroma than white rice.

Use: This ancient rice can be simply served steamed with dishes like grilled fish or tofu. It is also perfect as a base for sushi, onigiri, or even rice bowls with toppings. You can also prepare it as a thick porridge called oyaku, or stir-fry it with vegetables and even add it to salads after cooling it down.

Ingredients: Glutinous rice (50%), Black rice (30%), Red rice (20%)

Preservation: Keep in a cool place, away from sunlight.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 3 years

Container: sachet

Located in Hida Takayama, in Gifu Prefecture, the Yoshima family farm has been growing and processing agricultural products for two decades. They use traditional Japanese methods, such as natural fermentation techniques, with lactic acid bacteria, without chemical additives. The majority of ingredients used in their products are local, and the farm ensures that it produces fresh and flavorful foods with the longest possible shelf lives. The Yoshima farm combines tradition and innovation, while guaranteeing rigorous traceability of its products and maintaining very good quality.

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