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Irizake - ancestral sauce with ume 150ml (1,76% Vol.)


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Description: Irizake is a sauce made from sake, which gained popularity after World War II, when Japan experienced a shortage of soy sauce. Thanks to its combination of dashi and umeboshi plum, irizake is a delicious seasoning that was originally mainly used to remove the smells of meat and fish. It is made with premium cooking sake that has been heated, and still contains traces of alcohol.

Alcohol by volume : 1,76%

Flavor: Combining the bonito and kombu dashi with the ume plum vinegar results in a well-balanced, slightly salty umami and acid flavor. 

Use: You can dip your slices of sashimi in the irizake or prepare shabu shabu with it by marinating your meat with the irizake before cooking it in hot water. This blended sake is also used to prepare summer vegetables before frying them, and thus give them a light salty flavor without masking their original taste.

Ingredients: Water (37,2%), Sake (35%), Ume vinegar (Ume plum, Salt) (15%), Mirin (Rice, Rice koji, Rice shochu) (8%), Salt (2%), Dried bonito (1,2%), Dried bonito powder (1%), Pickled ume plup (Ume plum, Salt) (0,3%), Kombu (0,3%) 

Allergen: Bonito

Preservation: Keep at room temperature, away from sunlight. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 2 weeks. 

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 18 months 

Container: Glass bottle

Yagisawa company, founded in 1807 in the village of Rikuzentakata (department of Iwate), produces soy sauces, miso, dashi and several other types of artisanal products. The village of Rikuzentakata was almost completely destroyed by the tsunami in March 2011, and the Yagisawa facilities were completely washed away. Following this cataclysm, the Yagisawa company continued to produce using the plants of other companies. It began the reconstruction of its production site in May 2012, and then began production on its own premises in February 2013.

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