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Shiitake chawanmushi with sliced kombu and sakura vinegar caviar

Ingredients forr 2 people


For the broth :

1. Put the shiitake, sliced kombu, bag of dashi or liquid dashi in a bowl and fill it with hot water until it covers everything. Let infuse until the water is lukewarm and mushrooms are rehydrated.

2. Once lukewarm, draw 25cl of the broth and add soy sauce, mirin and sugar to the 25cl of broth.

For the caviar of sakura vinegar :

1. Place a cup of neutral oil (such as sunflower or groundnut oil) in a freezer until it is cold.

2. Pour the sakura vinegar and agar-agar in a small saucepan. Heat up and stir well to dissolve the agar-agar then pour the mix in a pipette or syringe. Drop the liquid in the cold oil to form small beads. Make sure to drop small beads in a really cold oil to create a thermal shock. Once the beads are formed, drain to separate the beads from oil and rinse with cold water.

For the pudding :

1. The pudding is ideally steam cooked for 15 minutes but it can be cooked in the oven. To do so, preheat the oven to 150°C and heat up water to make a double boiler.

2. Dice the rehydrated shiitake and place most of the shiitake pieces at the bottom of the bowls with sliced kombu and save a few pieces of shiitake to garnish the bowls.

3. Beat the 3 eggs without forming foam and mix to the broth made beforehand. Filter if desired to obtain a smooth pudding.

4. Pour the mixture into the bowls, on top of the shiitake and sliced kombu. Steam cook or in a double boiler in the oven for 15 minutes, until the pudding has a pudding-like creamy consistency, like a silky tofu. Pick with a toothpick and it should come out dry.

Plating : 

Sprinkle a few pieces of kombu, slices of kombu with soy sauce and a few pearls of sakura vinegar caviar.