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Junmai Daiginjo "Shusen Eiko" 720ml (15,5% Vol.)


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Description: This junmai daiginjo was produced from "Matsuyama Mii" sake rice typical of Ehime Prefecture that was polished to 50%. This is a light and elegant sake produced in small quantities with a subtle and umami flavor.

Alcohol by volume: 15,5%

Flavor: A light and refreshing sake with a light acidity and a rich umami taste.

Pairing: It will go perfectly well with light meals such as white fishes, salads or tempura.

Serving temperature: Chilled or at room temperature (10°-20°)

Ingredients: Water, rice, koji.

Preservation: Keep in a cool place, away from sunlight.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: -

Container: Glass bottle

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health, alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation. Expecting mothers should not consume alcoholic beverages.

The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited.
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Founded in 1943, the Eiko Shuzo brewery is located in Ehime prefecture, southern Japan. This family owned brewery relies on 3 essential elements to make high quality sake that became over time symbols of Ehime. Eiko Shuzo uses Yubekuchi water, flowing out of the foothills of Mount Takanawa as well as 3 local varieties of rice, namely "Matsuyama Mii" rice, "Yamada Nishiki" rice and "Shizuku Hime" rice. These 2 ingredients make the basis of a good sake but brewing skills are undeniably necessary to produce a high quality sake. The brewing skills of Eiko Shuzo brewery were passed to Ochi Mori from Kazuhisa Enjo, a monk known for being a sake lover. Sake brewers usually gather during winter to brew sake but Ochi Mori’s passion for sake incites him to be present at Eiko Shuzo brewery all year round to prepare for brewing sake. He transmitted his skills and passion to his apprentices and their successors who are perpetuating ancestral methods. Men and their skills, rice and water, these are the 3 elements Eiko Shuzo takes pride in and that make the sake brewed by the brewery high quality sake, rewarded on various occasions and recognized worldwide.

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