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Ryusei Kimoto Hattan "Yuragi no Nagi" 720ml (16% Vol.)


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Description : This junmai kimoto sake is traditionally brewed according to a 100 years old technique. It has a deep yet lingering taste, with a mellowness on the finish, typical of this sake brewed with the idea of a dialogue with nature. It is brewed from "Hattan" rice, produced in Hiroshima and polished to 60%.

Appearance : The sake is transparent, translucent and shiny.

Nose : The first nose is fruity and discreet. We perceive notes of baked apple. With air, the fruits become fresh like crunchy green apple, anise, juicy yellow kiwi, pineapple with a little fermentation side, lactic touches... It is quite complex.

Mouth : The attack is fresh with a slight sweetness and, above all, umami. We find apple and pineapple, accompanied by almond. There is a nice texture on the palate with length.

Finish : The tasting ends with touches of flowers and pepper.

Pairing : You can enjoy it with roasted pineapple with vanilla and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, Tahitian raw fish, pork with rosemary.

Service temperature : Cool (10-12°)

Ingredients : Water, rice, koji

Preservation : Keep in a cool place, away from sunlight.

Origin : Japan


Container : Glass bottle

・The consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden for persons under the age of 18 according to french law.

・Good sake, good quantity, not too much.
・Pregnant women and mothers of small children should avoid drinking too much.

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Fujii Shuzo sake house, located in the small town of Takehara (Hiroshima department), was founded in 1863. It is nicknamed Takehara Kyoto for its picturesque scenery. At the first national sake competition held in Japan in 1907, Fujii Shuzo won the first place. The Master of production, Masao FUJII, continues to use the ancient techniques bequeathed by his predecessors, while using modern techniques to develop best sakes. It is possible to visit the producer in Takehara, without reservation for sake tasting.

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