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Sake Chochin Hattannishiki 60 Junmai Muroka Namagenshu 1800ml (18% Vol.)


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Description: This sake is made from Hattannishiki rice, polished to 60%. This widely grown sake rice gives highly aromatic and well-balanced sake. Besides being a junmai, a sake made without alcohol addition, this sake is also "muroka". It means that it is not finely filtered with active charcoal. The producer simply carefully purifies the sake surface and lets the sediment remaining from the press in the bottle. In addition, the Chochin sake is also "nama": in order to preserve its aromas vividness, this sake has not been pasteurized. It also has the "genshu" appellation because it is a sake where water is not added after the pressing process. That is why it has a higher alcohol content. 


Alcohol by volume: 18%

Flavor: This sake has a pronounced umami flavor with a slight acidity and a long finish. The production process of this sake gives it a more pure and intense flavor. 

Pairing: This sake pairs well with raw fish such as sushi and sashimi, as well as cooked seafood, ham and meat dishes.

Service temperature: Fresh (5°)

Ingredients: Rice, koji.

Preservation: Store in the fridge. This sake is a namazake, which means that it is not pasteurized. Therefore, it is preferable to keep it in a cool place and to consume it quickly after opening in order to avoid any alteration of taste.

Origin: Japan

Container: Glass bottle

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